RFID Toll automation

In the past few years, different industries has realized the potential the RFID technology and hence they are widely using this technology in diverse applications to boost up the overall performance and productivity. Similarly, RFID technology is now integrated in tool booth management that allows the toll plazas in developing automated tool collection system with manual intervention. The RFID Toll automation system by National Ecom is the revolutionary solution for all toll plazas as it provides solutions for several issues including, traffic congestion, time consumption and various other related issues.

Using our RFID Electronic Toll Collection system can help you to eliminate the manual labor which is time consuming process. Moreover, drivers need to stop at the booth for regular payment and take receipt for them same which consume huge sum of time. So, using RFID based Toll Automation at plazas can automate the collection process efficiently and can be a cost effective alternative to manual collection indeed.

There is a RFID reader installed at the toll booths and when the car approaches to the toll booth it reads the tags attached to the vehicle and deduct the toll automatically through its prepaid card assigned to the motorists and the gate opens automatically. The entire process is totally automated and no manual labor is involved.

RFID Toll Automation system is the most cost-effective and convenient solutions for all motorists because it helps them to save time on toll collection and allow them to maintain the same speed while crossing the toll without any hindrance. The system is masterly designed to make the transaction at the toll gate automatically.

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