RFID UHF Readers

RFID UHF Readers

UHF Reader

  • The Reader provides network connectivity between tag data and enterprise system software.
  • The UHF reader is having frequency range of 902-928 MHz or 865-868 MHz and other frequency standards depending upon countries compliances.
  • They are also compatible with Data standards such USB, RS232, RS485.
  • High reading accuracy.
  • Custom Data Standards like Wi-Fi, RJ45.
  • Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum is a technique used transmitting radio signal, which avoids collision of signal at receiver.
  • Readers can divided as
    1. Omni-directional: Range of distance varies in diameter.
    2. Linear-directional: Range of distance varies in radius.
  • These readers can be implemented in both indoor and outdoor temperatures with lighting protection.
  • Standard Protocols like ISO18000-6B and ISO18000-6C (EPC GEN2).
  • The reading clue is through LED and Buzzer.
  • The reading rate is software programmable and also average reading within timeslots.
  • It can used in following ways:
    1. Toll Automation or vehicle access management.
    2. Student Track within campus.
    3. Jewellery management.
    4. Industries like Garments, Solar manufacturing, Logistics etc.
    5. Event or club management.
    6. Ware house management.

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