RFID Active Readers


Active Readers

  • Active RFID readers allow very low-level signals to be received by the tag and the tag can generate high-level signals back to the reader.
  • Active reader’s frequency range of 2.4-2.5GHz.
  • The Communication range is 100+ meters (Long range).
  • Best Area of Use: High volume assets moving within designated areas in random and dynamic systems.
  • Private protocols are used between tags and readers.
  • Anti-conflict with high identification speed.
  • Supports standard communication port RS232,RS485,RJ45,Wifi(optional).
  • Best performance in outdoor temperature conditions.
  • Indicators like LED and Buzzer are used.
  • Application: Auto dealerships, Auto manufacturing, Hospitals – asset tracking, Construction, Mining, Laboratories, Remote monitoring, IT asset management.

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