RFID Active Tags

RFID Active Tags

Active Tags

  • Active tags are also used ‘Beacons’ to accurately track real-time location assets in different environment.
  • Active tags provide longer read range than Passive tags.
  • Tags possess their own power source and transmitter enabling the tag to broadcast its signal.
  • Active tags are powered by a long life battery that will last a few years, but will eventually require replacing.
  • Greater memory capacities when compared to passive tags.
  • The active tag can be divided into as follows:
    1. Transponder.
    2. Beacons.
  • Transponder: Communicates immediately in the presence of a reader’s interrogating signal, thus conserving battery life when the tag is out of range of the reader. Active transponders are commonly used in secure access control.
  • Beacons: Periodically transmitting their identifying information at user-end at defined intervals and RFID reader antennas will read and determine the tag’s location with the help of back-end software.

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