UHF Tags

  • UHF tags are equally as reliable and often times can offer better performance across many applications.
  • UHF Tags operate in the 858 to 930 MHz frequency band and can have a read range of 30 feet.
  • UHF tags can be divided into:
    1. Metal Tags.
    2. Air Tags.
    3. Ceramic Tags.
  • Flexible Read/Write operation based on reader dependent.
  • Used with High temperature like solar, engines identification.
  • Alien Higgs IC are used with 96/128/512 bits of user memory.
  • Protocol used is ISO18000-6C.
  • UHF Tamper-proof: When tag is removed from asset, it immediately become ‘Dead’ and stops responding.
  • Long life span when compared to other technology.
  • High resistance in both indoor and outdoor temperature conditions.
  • Applications:
    1. Metal tags: Asset Tracking, Containers and Railway coaches.
    2. Air tags: Amusement park, clubs, Theaters, Keyless Hotel Room and locker entry, Prevention of counterfeitation, Customers Loyalty programs.
    3. Ceramic tags: Servers, Hard drives and Network Routers.

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